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May 2015 Member of the Month


Alyssa’s First Muscle-up

CFL is proud to announce our May member of the month


Alyssa Filkowski
 Alyssa has been with us since last summer, and we are so extremely proud of everything she does! 
You are truly an amazing person inside and out, and we love your determination and your willingness to try anything!  The Leverage Family can’t wait to see how far you go in life, but for now…enjoy your month of prime parking (your parents can obviously partake in that) and music choices for the month (which Coach Dave is a little nervous about)!

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April 2015 Member of the Month

Kerby1CFL is proud to announce our April member of the month
Josh Kerber.
 Josh has been with Leverage since February 2014, and in that time has lost 130lbs.  If that alone wasn’t enough reason to nominate Josh as our M.O.T.M. I could think of a 1000 other reasons why he should be chosen. Josh gives 100% every time he steps foot in here, and does it with the best attitude, which is contagious to everyone around him! We love how far you have come, and love that you are never satisfied and will continue to push yourself!  We could not imagine Leverage without you here

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